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Email Notify is an add-on for Eudora Mail that will send a message to a cellular phone (or other device) when an important email has arrived. There are two main advantages to using Email Notify. First if you are expecting an email you will know when it arrives without constantly having to check for it. Second if an unexpected (but important) email arrives you will be notified and can respond to your customers email in a timely fashion. It offers the following:

  Convenience: Email Notify contacts you when email arrives.
Connectivity: Keep in touch when you are out of the office.
Simplicity: Set it up and forget it.


Email Notify is the easiest way to receive notification of important email while away from the office. It enables you to stay on top of your business correspondence while on the road and away from the office.

Email Notify is designed as a third party add-on for Eudora Mail. It takes advantage of the email program's ability to start an application during filtering and pass information from the email to the application.

Email Notify uses the SMS message system to notify you that an important email has arrived. Because of the character limitations of the majority of SMS messaging systems, EmailNotify will parse the email message and send the subject line and the sender's address to your cellular phone or other SMS enabled device.

Email Notify is distributed as shareware to allow you to download, try and decide whether or not it's right for you. If you like it, you pay a nominal registration fee and the lock will be removed.


The following table contains the minimum hardware and software requirements necessary to use Email Notify.

PC Hardware 166 MHz, 32MB RAM or better.
Connection Broadband. (Cable, DSL etc.)
O/S Windows® 95/98/NT/2K/XP.
Email Program Eudora Mail.
Mobile Device Any SMS enabled device.


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