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"Necessity is the mother of invention" - Plato

Welcome to Archigos Software, America’s premier mobile and wireless software solutions company. Launched in October 2002 by a small group of independent software consultants to fill our need for a comprehensive set of mobile and wireless tools. As consultants, travel is a necessity and the time spent on the road was non-productive. As a result, we began to develop tools that would enable the us to stay connected and productive on the road. Expanding upon this idea Archigos Software was born.

Archigos Software is founded on a single premise: A global revolution is changing the way business is conducted and a new breed of "mobile businessman" is emerging. These businessmen need low-cost high-quality mobile software to support them. Archigos Software wants to create it. We are creating a new set of software tools to help businessmen break the chains that have tied them to their desks and allow them to compete in this new environment.

At Archigos, we develop innovative and creative products designed to allow you to use your handheld to enter information "on the road" and seamlessly integrate the information back at the office. If our off-the-shelf products don't fit your needs our developers can custom fit a handheld solution that will allow you to maximze your PDA's potential.

Our clients are the business innovators who are changing the game -- and building the future of business. Our job is to help you get there faster than everyone else. That job will never change.